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Precision Tune-Up Checklist

Rudroff Heating & Air Conditioning’s Comprehensive Air Conditioning and Furnace Maintenance Services Include:

Heating System Precision Tune-Up

  1. Inspect Thermostats
  2. Inspect Furnace Area
  3. Adjust All Air Volume Dampers
  4. Inspect Flue
  5. Clean Exterior Of The Furnace
  6. Replace Standard 1" Pleated Filter/Clean
  7. Clean Blower Motor & Wheel
  8. Inspect, Clean & Adjust Combustion Process
  9. Examine Heat Exchanger
  10. Service Vent Motor & Other Moving Parts
  11. Service Humidifier (If Applicable)
  12. Check/Clean Condensate Drain
  13. Verify Manifold Gas Pressure
  14. Check Gas Connections At Furnace For Gas Leaks
  15. Measure The Temperature Increase Through Furnace
  16. Test Heat Pump Operation (If Applicable)
  17. Measure The Electrical Operation Of The Furnace
  18. Test For Carbon Monoxide Gas

Air Conditioning Precision Tune-up

  1. Inspect Thermostat
  2. Clean Blower Motor & Wheel
  3. Check/Clean Condensate Drain
  4. Replace Standard 1” Pleated Filter/Clean
  5. Check Evaporator Cooling Coil (Indoor Coil
  6. Lubricate Outside Fan
  7. Check Fins On Outdoor Coil
  8. Examine All Electrical Connections
  9. Check Starting Cap Abilities
  10. Take Operating Pressure For Proper Refrigerant Charge
  11. Record Amperage Measurements On Motors
  12. Inspect All Safety Controls
  13. Record Temperature Drop
  14. Clean Outdoor Coil
  15. Apply Protective Coating To The Air Conditioner
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